Stars – 296

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Revamping your online profile or resume around December 7th will give you the edge when progressing in your career.

Networking with women from December 7th and throughout the festive season will activate 2017 in a positive and promising way.

The New Moon in your love zone on November 29th assures romantic escapades if you keep an open mind.

You may need to get candid with a loved one from December 2nd if you want answers to a finicky question. Bouncing ideas off a significant other will help you make a decision.

Your love life gets a burst of colour and excitement when Venus enters Aquarius on December 2nd. Think outside the square when pursuing the object of your desire.

Original or noteworthy ideas will come easy this fortnight thanks to the Mercury-Uranus link. Your plans or projects are supported under this cycle.

Your ruling planet Venus will soften your attitude to a particular situation. Apply diplomacy to a one-sided argument for favourable outcomes.

Venus beautifies your domestic sphere from December 7th. Consider redecorating your personal space with soft lighting, comfy furnishings and choice artwork.

The New Moon in your sign on November 29th compels you to adjust a stalled situation. Change your schedule wherever possible to keep the energy flowing.

Capricorns will benefit from taking time out of their busy schedule to rejuvenate on all levels with the help of alluring Venus.

You’ll be able to attract support for your favourite cause after December 7th with the help of the Universe.

Sociable Pisceans are primed to take on the party season with gusto. Good times are on the agenda from November 25th, so enjoy!