Stars – 298

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Your ruling planet Mars accelerates this year, propelling you to take on new challenges. Luscious Venus helps revamp your image and attitude at certain points throughout 2017.

You focus on finance above all else over the next twelve months. Venus and Saturn encourage you to reassess your long-term goals in a steady and subtle manner.

Expect a fast-paced year with major developments relating to your career or public life unfolding over the coming months.

‘Preparation’ is the key word for many Cancerians in 2017. Move forward with stalled projects with the help of productive Mars and expect noticeable progress.

Leos will be in their element in the second half of the year when the Universe takes on a fiery quality. Home and family life are key areas where you take charge and thrive.

If you are keen to establish permanent foundations in the relationship department, then 2017
could be your year, Virgo.

Lucky Jupiter inhabits your sign until October 2017, making any project you’re involved with a success.

Expect a major shift in October when Jupiter enters your sign. This is the ideal time to embark on a passage of personal growth.

Sagittarians continue their phase of responsibility until December 2017. You will begin to reap the rewards of your efforts.

2017 is an outstanding year for the Goat to go after their desires in the areas of career, travel
or personal relationships.

Aquarians have the opportunity to develop career interests in the second half of the year under the Jupiter transit.

Early 2017 begins with an emphasis on Pisces, thanks to the string of planets in your sign. This sets the mood for the next twelve months, coaxing you to develop your creative side.