Stars – 299

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Your organisational and strategic skills sharpen under the Mercury-Pluto link. Trust your judgement when making major professional decisions.

Home renovations or other domestic affairs become the focus around the Lunar eclipse on February 11th. You may have to put aside a dream to concentrate on practicalities.

Mars in Aries heightens your impatience to move forward with a project or situation. This is an ideal cycle for making your mark in the public sphere.

The eclipse on February 11th can be an emotional time for the already emotional Crab. Take the first steps to overcoming a fear that holds you back from reaching your potential.

The Full Moon in your love zone signals new romantic beginnings. You get closer to an unresolved issue involving a significant other.

Find your inner voice with the help of the Mercury-Pluto connection. Express the issues that are important to you with conviction and power.

Plans to improve your personal space are best implemented in time for February 7th.

Observe significant professional proceedings that occur mid-February. These are clues to fulfilling job possibilities.

Sagittarians may feel restless under the Lunar eclipse of February 11th. Routines may seem restrictive, so make time for fun and spontaneity.

The first of three eclipses to trigger your financial sector occurs on February 11th. Review and tweak your money strategy for the coming year.

The Full Moon on February 11th, combined with Jupiter and Uranus, promises a breakthrough with a stalled situation or project. Innovative ideas and confidence will move you forward.

The Mercury-Pluto link infuses your networking skills with influence and charm. Shamelessly schmooze with all the right people up to February 7th.