Stars August 11th – August 18th

Expect the unexpected when the week begins with a stimulating Moon-Uranus link. Be open to opportunities and grab them before they disappear.

Fickle projects or situations have the opportunity to stabilise around Monday, 14 August, making this an ideal time for focused development.

You may feel stuck in a domestic rut when Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday, 12 August. Release outdated furnishings and refresh your spirit.

Friday, 18 August, is your special day for self-care when the Moon enters your sign. Treat yourself to the things that nurture you.

Leo, you are in your power this time every year, so glam-up or splurge on luxury items that embody your animal prowess.

This is an ideal week to analyse and decide what or who is useful on a practical level.

Handle a potentially volatile situation around Friday, 11 August, with diplomacy and gentleness.

Be generous with your time and expertise when others require your assistance on a pragmatic level.

Avoid making important decisions from Saturday, 12 August, when you may gloss over details rather than delve deep.

Take time to review your financial and investment situation before signing binding contracts.

Re-negotiating personal or professional terms with others is required under Mercury’s retrograde cycle.

Fastidious Mercury asks that you refresh your routine: reorganise your workspace, create ‘to-do’ lists and check that the right people have the correct information.

By Astrogirlzarro