Sunday 21st May: Zucchero Opera House Black Cat Tour

Q & A with Italian superstar Zucchero: “The Production for The Black Cat Tour Is Fantastic

Few music world superstars have had great career success for more than three decades and remains very popular, but the Italian singer and songwriter, Zucchero Fornaciari is an exception. Credited as the “father of the Italian blues”, he has sold over 60 million records around the world and won numerous awards.

This month, Zucchero is returning to Australia with his acclaimed Black Cat World Tour, which was performed across Europe this year. The superstar spoke to us about his tour, and what has made him a great musician.
We know you have started your tour, how is it going?
The tour is going great. We have played in America & Canada & at the weekend we did a show in Ischgl (Austria) on ‘the top of the mountain’ which is a venue 2300 metres in altitude – the views were just incredible, it was an amazing show so early in the year.
What is the biggest challenge in this tour?
There is a lot of travelling which is always a challenge with the time zones but I am used to it after all this time!
The name of the tour is from your new album Black Cat, what kind of thoughts and feelings does this album express?
It’s a very exciting album, I enjoyed making the Black Cat album it’s expresses many feeling from joy on songs like ‘Black Cat’ to sadness on ‘Streets Of Surrender’.
What can we expect from your tour coming up in Australia in May?
An amazing show! The production for The Black Cat tour is fantastic.
What is your plan after the tour?
We don’t stop until late 2017 so I think I will need to spend some quality time relaxing & to Spend time with my family & friends.
Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you are most proud of?
I am proud to have worked with so many gifted & talented musicians. From Miles Davis, Sting, Luciano Pavarotti, Elton John, Brian May & Andrea Bocelli – I don’t have a stand out it has all been incredible.
Your musical career has spanned more than three decades and achieved great success, what is the secret?
To be happy in my work, music is like my religion & to play all over the world & in places I have not played
What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a musical career?
Take good advice from people that know but most of all trust your own instinct.
How do you balance your music with family life?
I have time off, music is my job my family understands that but we have time together for sure. It’s a good balance.

Black Cat tour will be performed at Sydney Opera House on Sunday 21 May. For tickets, contact box office on (02) 9250 7777 or go to

Written by:
Jane Chen