Rant: The Inner West welcomes refugees

June 9, 2016
Sydney’s Inner West is one of the original homes of multiculturalism in Australia. Over the decades our local area has welcomed refugees and asylum seekers from places like Europe, Asia, the Middle East – people […]

Meet the candidates

July 21, 2014
  John Stamolis Independent John has been the Chairperson of the Balmain Precinct for the last 10 years and looks forward to bringing the voice of the community to Council. What will you contribute to […]

Future built on the sun

September 6, 2013
Hot enough for you? By the time you read this, a Coalition government may be on its way to dismantling a raft of vital clean energy organisations. Just last week the Coalition announced that, if […]

Your Say: Politicians on Social Media

September 6, 2013
Do you follow your local election candidates or the PM himself on social media? “I’m presently trying to avoid contact with politicians. So that nearly rules out ALL forms of media. Certainly wouldn’t let them […]

Roadtest: Minor Political Parties

September 6, 2013
With all the toing and froing between Abbott and Rudd during this year’s very long and drawn out election campaign, it has often felt like a two-horse race. What of all the alternative parties – […]

Righteous Rightie – 218

September 6, 2013
Righteous Rightie gives the newly elected PM some sensible suggestions on how to get rid of the $100 billion Bowen black hole.        Dear RR – Hypothetically speaking, if you were an incoming PM elected […]

Rumble in the Urban Jungle

September 5, 2013
It’s a seat where the well-heeled, progressive, largely Anglo latte belt collides with the multicultural, aspirational and socially conservative outer suburbs. It was once Labor heartland but is now regarded as a bellwether seat that […]

Meet the Candidates

August 23, 2013
A brief guide to the men and women who hold the fate of the Inner West – and the nation – in their hands. These four candidates tell us why they deserve your vote…   […]

Roadtest: Online democracy, Inner West style

August 23, 2013
These days social media has become a tool to connect and communicate with others, which can be a valuable thing if you’re trying to win an election – just ask Barack Obama’s campaign managers. However, […]
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