Local cinemas this week

October 1, 2018
We’re at the multiplex this week, with a goth girl with special powers destined to save the world and a prehistoric teenage boy who teaches a wolf to play fetch. Harmony It’s near impossible not […]

Harmony giveaway

September 20, 2018
Starring Jessica Falkholt, Jerome Meyer and Eamon Farren, Harmony is a story of a super-empath, an orphan born with the power to absorb the fear of others.  At 21, Harmony (Falkholt) is alone and destitute […]

At home with… Christina Batista

March 3, 2014
Former MasterChef contestant, Christina Batista, is a modern day mum with fifties-inspired tastes. She sees cooking as a kind of therapy and is an ambassador for A Taste of Harmony, the annual event that celebrates […]