Inner West Whispers – 242

September 15, 2014
Haberfield goes all night, Inner West women rule and a Babysit-in • Haberfield residents were kept up well past midnight last week due to a certain NRMA ad being filmed near Crescent Street. We recommend recompense […]

Righteous Rightie – 229

March 16, 2014
Righteous Rightie comes out swinging after an outrageous leftist slur suggesting inappropriate relations with a hamster Dear RR – I trust you will be gracious enough to accept my moral and financial support should you […]

Rant: Another one bites the dust

September 20, 2013
Without fanfare or hardly anyone noticing, the Inner West lost an old and well-established local newspaper recently.  So… should we care? News Ltd quietly shut down the Thursday newsprint edition of the Inner West Courier […]


June 3, 2013
The Fresh Press We’re looking at the media: we discuss the changing face of news with newsreader Deborah Knight, Latte Leftie ponders why he isn’t appearing in the Guardian, Pheobe Maloney rants about the failings […]

Your Say: Do you trust the Media?

June 3, 2013
Do you trust the media at all? And if so, which media source do you trust most: TV, radio or newspapers? “This is a very good question…I trust that it’s one view for the most […]

Sex and the Media

June 3, 2013
Sex and the media share a symbiotic relationship that has existed ever since the earliest humans drew pictures of exaggerated sexual organs on cave walls. When the media isn’t using sex to sell something with […]

Media and its discontents

June 3, 2013
My name was in the news once. Not unlike Dunne from last issue’s rant, it was misprinted. But don’t worry Media, no hard feelings from me! However, I imagine hard feelings were felt by our […]

Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

June 3, 2013
As the seemingly never-ending federal election campaign powers on, Charles Purcell speaks to Inner West journalist and newsreader, Deborah Knight, about how social media has changed the game and the integral role media will play […]

Latte Leftie – 211

June 2, 2013
Latte Leftie ponders why he’s still appearing in this noble but minor publication rather than The Guardian. Dear LL: Following The Guardian’s recent stealth launch I was overjoyed that Ciao was no longer standing alone […]