A musical feast

November 4, 2016
Melissa Leong reflects on a story told to her by a friend that illustrates the combined power of food and song. I recently commented to a friend about a video post she’d made on Instagram. […]

Season’s greetings!

September 2, 2016
Melissa Leong reflects upon seasonality as she steps out of the city and soaks up the vistas of Tasmanian farmland. I’m sitting in front of the most sickening view right now, perched on top of […]

A deluded dichotomy

August 5, 2016
Being Inner Western suburbanites, sustainability is a topic discussed frequently and I think we’re all more or less across the fundamentals of why season, organic, free-range, biologically-sound food a) is better for us and b) […]

Open Marrickville

June 10, 2016
It would seem that there is a food, and/or cultural festival featuring food every other week in Sydney. And you know what? It’s awesome! Even if you’re not a die hard foodie, it’s still the […]

Wisdom before Innovation

April 1, 2016
Is it any coincidence that NSW Youth Week is preceded by Seniors Week? Well, they do say ‘age before beauty’, but I prefer to think of it more as ‘wisdom leading innovation’… in other words, […]

Cooking by candlelight

March 18, 2016
On the weekend, I met up with my friends Nathalie and Reece, who had spent the day running around Sydney filming a campaign to get Malcolm Turnbull to turn off the lights in his house. […]

Food is a feminist issue

March 17, 2016
So how does fourth-wave feminism  relate to food? This week, two things happened. Firstly, a fantastic T-shirt with the slogan ‘The Future is Female’ I’d ordered online from an LA shop arrived. Secondly, a friend […]