Inner Best: Mary Jo McVeigh

July 22, 2016
Meet the woman behind Cara House, the Inner West’s sanctuary for children who have experienced abuse. When Mary Jo McVeigh came to Australia from Ireland in 1991, she intended to stay for a year. With […]

What’s On – 287

July 21, 2016
Miles Franklin Award Hopefuls Visit Newtown The Miles Franklin Literary Award is considered one of the most prestigious accolades for Australian authors. Each year it attempts to recognise the novel of highest literary merit reflecting […]

What’s on – 286

July 7, 2016
Boomalli Music Event Known for their beautiful gallery and ongoing art exhibitions, Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative is back with another event, but this time it’s musical. Heading down a different avenue of the arts, the […]

Things we love – 285

June 24, 2016
Have you spied this bright orange van (also known as ‘Tubbsy’), driving around your suburb? Two best mates from Brisbane had the ingenious idea of putting dryers and washing machines in a van and offering […]

Rant: The Inner West welcomes refugees

June 9, 2016
Sydney’s Inner West is one of the original homes of multiculturalism in Australia. Over the decades our local area has welcomed refugees and asylum seekers from places like Europe, Asia, the Middle East – people […]

Local News – 283

May 26, 2016
Local Residents Arrested in WestCONnex Protest Two members of the WestCONnex Action Group have been arrested during a protest to prevent the destruction of a Haberfield apartment block which had been forcibly acquired to make […]

Shame game

October 9, 2015
Miranda Devine shamed and stigmatised women survivors of domestic violence in her last article titled ‘Demonising men won’t stop domestic violence’. There’s already enough blame heaped on victims by our society and by the perpetrators […]

Roadtest: Come together

March 3, 2015
With the upcoming International Women’s Day Ciao takes a look at different inspiring women’s organisations and groups in the Inner West The worn out assertion that “women hate each other” is perhaps one of my […]