The Mission Open Day – Easter Monday


Ever wondered what Scientology actually is? Without any pressure, locals are invited to Leichhardt’s annual Open Day really just to hang out, enjoy some dancing with  renowned star Susie Piiper, have a free barbecue and enjoy a couple of talks (if you want to).

Just on Renwick St, the Inner West base for the The Mission run all sorts of programs, from writers workshops to drug education programs. As Mary Snetzal, Open Day Organiser, says we are the “The local mission with the global vision. Scientology offers help with problems many of us may face within our community. For example:

•    Drug abuse both teen and adult, literacy and numeracy difficulties.

•    Lack of a simple moral code leading to school dropouts, crime and familial conflicts.

•    Marital or relationship problems and depression.

The Mission offers practical knowledge to deal effectively with these issues without the use of drugs or stigma-based counselling.”

The Open House this Easter Monday will feature a talk on the effect of drugs and a demonstration of some of the principles of Scientology. For example,

•    Would you like your child to do better at school? Mr. Hubbard developed a simple but workable system of how to study effectively.

•    Would you like your child to improve their self-confidence and social skills?

There are short effective courses which can markedly improve these skills.

•    Knowledge vital to understanding one’s spouse, community and fellows.

There are numerous successes and applications now made available at

The open day is on Monday 2nd April (Easter Monday) at 79 Renwick St Leichhardt.