Vivid Ideas comes to Canada Bay

This year, two programs for Vivid Ideas will be held in the City of Canada Bay. It is the first time the council has been selected to take part in the major festival. Vivid Ideas forms part of Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas.

Teaming up with Place Leaders Asia Pacific, the City of Canada Bay will host the three-day ‘Big Ideas in Place: Place Leaders Asia Pacific Conference 2017’ at The Connection, Rhodes, as part of the festival. In addition, a creative program featuring robots, 3D printing and wearable arts and technology will be presented.

Mayor Helen McCaffrey was proud that the City of Canada Bay has had the chance to get involved in such kind of event. “What an honour to be selected to deliver a program of events as part of one of Sydney’s largest festivals in the City of Canada Bay at our newest state-of-the art venue, The Connection, Rhodes,” she said.

Being a place-based council, we are hosting the Place Leaders Asia Pacific conference, which will bring together leading voices and visionaries from across the Asia Pacific to discuss the biggest trends and ideas in creating the future of our places. One of the topics on the agenda is a workshop on affordable housing, a topic which the Council is very passionate about.”

Mayor McCaffrey encourages the community to embrace these wonderful events.

The festival runs from 26 May to 17 June.