Your month in the stars – December

The combined forces of Mars, Saturn and Pluto give you the power to execute a plan that can reshape your career indefinitely.

Delays or misunderstandings that emerge in a significant relationship can be resolved diplomatically once Venus moves forward from 2 December.

Jupiter will spend the festive season in your love zone. This once-in-a-decade cycle brings romantic bliss if you keep an open heart.

You’ll spend quality time with loved ones under the Full Moon on 23 December, which happens to fall on the Summer Solstice. Spend the next three months restoring balance.

Financial arrangements linked to property are under the spotlight this December. Consider plans that involve investments or upgrading your home.

Finalise your money issues before Christmas and begin 2019 on a clean slate. Contracts and other legal documents need to be meticulously organised before you can move forward.

You’ll get a second chance with missed financial opportunities when Venus revisits Scorpio this month. Act on your monetary dreams now.

Scorpios benefit from a soulful connection between Venus and Neptune. Romance takes on a fairy-tale quality, so reveal your true feelings to that special someone.

Make your home a restful sanctuary under the Mars-Neptune link. A compassionate attitude toward family helps resolve a particular issue.

Mercury spends time in your retreat sector from 12 December. Escape the urban grind to rest or explore the natural world at your own pace.

The action you take under the Mars transit can establish your financial direction for the next two years. Mars works with Pluto on 17 December to develop a monetary dream.

Gregarious Mercury enters your networking sphere on 12 December. Get into the social whirl this silly season and have a happy Christmas!


By Astrogirlzarro