Your month in the stars – May

A new financial era begins on 15 May when Uranus enters your money zone. Develop innovative ways to generate income and watch wealth blossom long-term.

Focus on strengthening one area of your life this month. A string of planets in your sign compels you to consider serious, long range planning for a stable future.

‘Wellbeing’ is the key word for stressed-out or over-worked Twins. Look after yourself by adopting techniques, such as yoga and meditation, which help keep anxiety in check.

Create positive money changes mid-month with the help of ambitious Mars. This is an ideal time to address significant financial issues before they become unmanageable.

Terminate a flaccid strategy and adopt new paths to resolving a stalled domestic situation.

Precarious situations regarding taxes, family inheritance or other people’s money will begin to stabilise by 15 May. Resist the urge to squander a windfall, should it come your way.

Expect the unexpected in love under the spontaneous Uranus transit. A relationship decision made by 13 May has lasting potential.

Update your home on an aesthetic level and bring it into the twenty-first century under the Mars cycle from 16 May.

Love and adventure colour the Centaur’s world this month. Grab your significant other and escape to unexplored horizons, especially around 19 May.

Dreams of pursuing an unconventional but authentic domestic life begin to materialise around 15 May when you articulate your plans fluidly to loved ones.

Mars enters radical Aquarius on 16 May. Take action with a certain project or situation with unorthodox but effective problem solving skills.

Pisceans get inquisitive about their community from 15 May when Uranus changes signs. Explore the unconventional and the remarkable in your own backyard – the Inner West!

By Astrogirlzarro