Your month in the stars – September

You re-gain momentum with a stalled project or situation this month. Promote your cause around the Full Moon on 24 September for favourable outcomes.

Expect the unexpected when Venus connects to spontaneous Uranus after 9 September. An unconventional tryst will shake you out of your comfort zone.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your domestic space on 5 September. Communicate your plans openly and tactfully with loved ones.

Venus forms a favourable link with your Sun, making this an ideal time for romance. Attract the love you want by nurturing yourself first.

Arguments or sudden outbursts are a possibility with Mars’ entry into erratic Aquarius. Pause and take a deep breath before launching into attack.

The New Moon on 10 September highlights ways in which you can organise your life efficiently. Take time to analyse an issue in order to find a suitable solution.

Happy birthday, Libra! Mercury and the Sun enter your sign after 21 September, helping you turn on the charm. Embracing diplomacy and good taste will get you everywhere.

Scorpios are in for an exciting phase of romance under the Venus-Uranus link. Exceptional love opportunities are possible if you keep an open mind.

Centaurs will experience the freedom they crave around 15 September when the Moon enters Sagittarius. Take a break from the urban grind and escape into nature.

Professional advancement is possible when Mercury and the Sun enter your career zone after 21 September. Schmoozing with all the right people advances your cause.

Aquarians will be energised by the Mars ingress on 10 September. Go the distance with multiple ventures and watch success unfold.

The New Moon in your love zone on 9 September marks a new phase in love, so go for it!


By Astrogirlzarro