Your Say: challenges facing seniors

What is the major challenge facing local seniors?

Loneliness. If you’re an independent person like me, you don’t want help but you need it. I’m an old hippie, so I want more art courses and writing workshops. Right now I’m heading to a class on how to use tablets in Rozelle.
Pauline, Haberfield

I think having community facilities and events where seniors can meet people who are younger than them. The seniors in my life who are happiest are those who have friends in different generations. Otherwise older people can feel isolated when their friends begin to pass away.
Tim, Erskineville

I’m ethnic and both my parents are seniors. The language barrier they face is definitely the biggest problem, they feel isolated. In this area there seems to be ample services to cope but for ethnic elderly people language is a big issue.
Jessie, Newington

Accessibility. Physical accessibility, digital accessibility and also access to social places and events.
Amy, Leichhardt

Cost of living.
Sally, Leichhardt

Access to a network of support and places where they can meet other senior citizens.
Delores, Leichhardt