Your Say – Customer Loyalty

How loyal a customer are you? If you’re favourite restaurant stuffs up once, do you give them a second chance or vow never to return?


“I still eat at KFC, Dominos and McDonalds!”
– Tahuna, Five Dock.


“I’ve heard some horror stories about people finding cockroaches in food. I couldn’t cope with something like that, but if it’s just a mistake or slow service, that’s not a big deal. Everyone has off days.”
– Tim, Balmain.


“I boycott the place.”
– Andrea, Haberfield.


“It all depends on how they deal with the screw up.”
– Sam, all the way from Melbourne.


“If you’re a loyal customer then I wouldn’t think it a problem to politely tell the staff about your problem. And then it’s up to them to deal with the situation to ensure your continued patronage. Or, even if they don’t fix things properly, if you dearly love the food then you’ll come crawling back anyway. Like the Soup Nazi.”
– Patrick, Rozelle.


“Depends how they stuff up. As long as I’m not vomiting and there’s been no food poisoning I’ll probably return.”
– Max, Petersham. 


“When it comes to food it’s easy to get really turned off but thankfully I haven’t experienced any major stuffs up at any of my favourite places.”
– Anita, Leichhardt.

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