Your say: Housing affordability

Are you worried about housing affordability in Sydney?

“Yes, definitely for my children and grandchildren. They will never be able to put down a deposit on a place in Sydney.”
Elizabeth, Leichhardt

“I wish it was cheaper but I have a job and I am doing ok.”
Joe, Camperdown

“No, not really – I have a home. I’m too old to worry about it.”
Irena, Strathfield

“No, I have my own home. Sydney’s a great town if you’ve got money. I can understand why people are worried, but I am not, personally.”
Theresa, Leichhardt

“No, I am in control of my life unlike some people. I am not worried about my children because I will support them as a responsible parent.”
Anon, Leichhardt

“Not for me but for my kids. My wife and I earn a good wage and we can just afford to buy a house. I don’t see how my kids will, nowadays.”
Dave, Stanmore

“If nothing changes, homeowners of the future will be those who have inherited from their parents, renters will be those who have not. That’s very worrying.”
Jean, Marrickville