Your say: Olympic favourites

Is there any part of the Olympics you particularly look forward to?

“I like the swimming, plus the opening and closing ceremonies.”
Tony, Stanmore

“Oh, I haven’t really thought about it! But I do like watching the gymnastics.”
Alaina, Dulwich Hill

“I don’t have a particular favourite part, but I enjoy watching the Olympics.”
Greg, Summer Hill

“I’m a football fan, so there’s that. Also the 100-metre sprint and the gymnastics. Any event that Australia has a chance of winning gold in.”
Anthony, Annandale

“I am actually only looking forward to the Winter Olympics. Now they’ve added snowboarding it’s exciting.”
Dunine, Concord

“I am not really interested in this coming Olympics. The venue seems like its had a lot of problems.”
Danny, Ashfield

“I kind of was looking forward to watching the golf, but all the golfers have pulled out saying they fear catching Zika virus. I like the swimming too.”
Andrew, Breakfast Point

“I don’t really like sport but I know I will inevitably end up vegging out in front of the TV.”
Bryan, Enmore