Your Say: Renewable Energy

Ciao asks, Inner-Westies answer…

Would you pay more for your energy bills if you knew it was renewable?

Yes. I wish we weren’t in a position where the government was so against renewable energy. It’s embarrassing. Sheryl, Petersham

Yes. This is our future and if means paying for it now then it’s worth it. Madeleine, Leichhardt

Yes, definitely. This is something I feel quite strongly about. I’m an interior designer and it’s an important thing to consider with every decision I make within my industry. I try and get clients to think about renewable energy too. Vee, Erskineville

Yes. The extra money would be worth saving the planet we are on. Troy, South Port

No. I don’t buy cage-free eggs, I buy the cheapest ones. Why would this be any different? It’s more about keeping costs down for me. Omar, Newtown