Your Say: What on earth should we do with Parramatta Road

What on earth should we do with Parramatta Road? Ciao readers attempt to answer this troubling question for us…

I wonder if the NSW Gov plan includes affordable housing? Lina

Let’s make it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to park so we can actually do business. Alex

Turn it into a greenway so people can walk along it and visit the shops..rather than it just being gross. Eleanor 

Would love to see a venture like the Chelsea Highline along Parramatta Road, so we can transfer some of those cars in to pedestrian traffice. Lianna, Glebe

Any plan has to recognise that people travelling from the Western suburbs to work use this road everyday. We need to alleviate traffic and increase the accessibility of buses along this road for the people who use it most before we think about other projects. Eliza