Your say: What’s your doomed artistic pursuit?

Ciao asks, Inner westies answer

What is your doomed artistic pursuit?

“I’d always envisaged myself being in a band, or at least writing and performing my own songs. Sadly, I’ve realised that I can’t write lyrics to save my life and I’ve got a rubbish sense of rhythm.”
Oliver, Enmore

“I really love the idea of being a great maths teacher, the kind of teacher that makes students see beauty in an equation the way we see it in a painting. The only trouble is I dropped maths after Year 10.”
Kirsty, Leichhardt

“Dance, for me. I’ve been a dancer since I was five. I know a lot about it and I can kind of teach it and choreograph it but I’m a bad dancer because
I just don’t have the body for it. It’s something that I always wanted to be doing but I’m not good enough to make it.”
Charles, Marrickville

“Singing. I really love doing it, whether in the shower, at karaoke, or in the car. Unfortunately, I have no musical talent whatsoever and nobody else enjoys my singing a fraction as much as I do!”
Sophia, Enmore