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Business to Raise $100,000 for Love Your Sister Charity

Lilyfield photographer Marie Ramos has decided to celebrate ten years of her local business by taking a year off to give back to her community. After following the story of brother Samuel and sister Connie Johnson, the team behind the charity Love Your Sister, Ramos was inspired to help contribute to their efforts in her own unique way – through art.

Using the craft of clay imprinting, Ramos intends to produce 2000 individual clay love hearts, shaped by positioning two fingerprints on small clay squares, symbolising the relationship between the two siblings at the heart of the efforts. Each heart will represent a donation of $50, with hopes to raise $100,000 for the cause over 12 months.

“The artwork has so many layers of meaning, it symbolises love on many levels,” says Marie. “I’m excited to bring this idea to life for Connie and Sam, but also for all the people in the community who share my passion about raising awareness about breast cancer.”

Ramos hopes that on completion, the artwork instillation will be permanently on display at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research, with Sam and Connie’s prints at the centre.

To find out more about Love Your Sister visit www.loveyoursister.org or to join Marie Ramos’ project go to www.marieramosphotography.com.

100 Songs in 100 Days

Local Newtown musician Tomi Gray (pictured top) of The Ruckus is approaching the half way point of one of the biggest tasks in his life: to write a mammoth 100 songs in a 100 days. Each day, Gray uploads the demo to his Facebook page, along with accompanying visuals. “I’ve been a muso for a while now, and you’ve got to be a manager, social media person, agent and I found I wasn’t doing enough of what I actually wanted to do; produce music,” said Gray.

“This year I’ve spent all my time in my bedroom with a guitar, my computer and my thoughts.” The project is gaining momentum, with his day 26 song ‘Trampoline’ impressively reaching over 60,000 views. “I have to do it, it’s an exercise in self-trust,” Gray said. April 11 is the final day of the project.

To check out the 100 Days, 100 Demos project head to www.facebook.com/tomigraymusic.

Older Women’s Network turns 30

Our local chapter of the Older Women’s Network (OWN) has reached 30 years of providing advocacy and support for older women in the Inner West. After staring in NSW in 1987, the group has since grown to include multiple states around Australia, opening numerous wellness centres focussing on creating positive participation for elderly women in the community.

The OWN headquarters in Newtown provides affordable classes such as drumming and Tai Chi to the community on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

To find out more visit: www.ownnsw.org.au.