Play it safe

August 1, 2023

Solo travellers, particularly women, have been warned that they need to take precautions and avoid dangerous situations, travel editor Winsor Dobbin reports. The Knowledge Academy, a training business based in the UK, has offered up […]

Wine with Winsor

August 1, 2023

Winter is still hanging around, so wine writer Winsor Dobbin has some mainly red – all totally delicious – wine suggestions from smaller producers to pair with warming and hearty dishes. Sicilian gem Feudo Arancio […]

Wine with Winsor

July 1, 2023

It is the time of the year when drinkers are ready to enjoy wines with plenty of flavour. Wine writer Winsor Dobbin reviews some of his favourite recent discoveries. Rare blendMount Pleasant 2022 Mount Henry […]

Spoilt for Choice

June 30, 2023

There are so many hotels to choose from in Bali that it pays to do your research. Travel editor Winsor Dobbin has three quite different recommendations and looks at a new getaway in Tasmania with […]

Shadow Spirit

June 16, 2023

Shadow Spirit is a haunting First Nations exhibition that stirs the soul and makes Western belief systems seem myopic and droll. Set in the newly rediscovered ballroom of Flinders St Station (and the surrounding rooms), […]

Rising: Euphoria

June 5, 2023

Public buildings such as Municipal Town Halls are often considered to be musty, stuffy and full of jaded angry citizens which is why it is always so refreshing to see a space such as the […]

The Rink at Rising

June 5, 2023

So cool. Like literally, so cool. It’s time to rug up and get your skates on to experience The Rink as part of Melbourne’s Rising Festival. Newly repositioned at Birrarung Marr on the banks of […]

Bali High

June 1, 2023

Bali has something for everyone if you choose the right location, travel editor Winsor Dobbin reports, while he also checks out an old Melbourne hotel favourite and somewhere new to try artisan beers in Hobart. […]

Wine with Winsor

May 31, 2023

There is a wine for every budget and every taste. Wine writer Winsor Dobbin reveals some of his favourites from around the globe over the past month. French bargainFringe Société 2021 Gamay There is fair […]

Cheese the day

May 23, 2023

French Cheese is making a big push onto our shores. But the big problem is that Australians are still very behind when it comes to cheese appreciation. Bon Fromage is teaching Australians better ways to […]

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