Affordable Housing

Leichardt Council’s Ordinary Meeting voted down an opportunity to contribute a potential $3 million to Leichhardt Council’s Affordable Housing Fund from a Voluntary Planning Agreement.

The VPA is linked to a development bid to rezone the industrial land at 141 and 159 Allen St for housing, proposing 178 units in total be built across the two sites.

While the VPA has been endorsed, at this time only $519,805 of the potential $3.2 million has been allocated to their affordable housing fund.

Labor Clr Simon Emsley, has issued a statement saying the the council has, “missed out on an opportunity to kick start its affordable housing program.” Mayor Rochelle Porteous has maintained the rest of the contribution will not be allocated until the council has assessed the needs of residents effected by the development in Leichhardt’s West.

To bulk up its fund the Council has endorsed a recommendation to introduce a levy on developments that increase the need for affordable housing in the area.

Mayor Porteous says that although the levy will increase Leichardt’s affordable housing stock, further regulations are required.

“Developers are always going to build high-end projects to generate profit,” she said.

“State and Federal Government really need to step up on this (Affordable Housing) because without legislation there is little Councils can do.”