Arnie Pie and Danny Giles hit The Factory Theatre

If you’re not afraid of overtly loud, slightly racist but utterly hilarious stand up comedy, then Arnie Pie and Danny Giles’ Happy Pills Sydney Fringe show is just what the doctor ordered.

Giles kicks things off when he bursts on to the stage at full volume from the get-go, introducing newcomer to the comedic scene, Jarryd Prain – who was surprisingly comfortable for a first timer and managed to score laugh after laugh from the audience, setting the scene for the big belly laughs to follow.

Giles himself is a natural in front of a crowd and genuinely quick witted, making his banter with the audience effortless and hilarious. He was definitely the stand-out performer on the night, talking fast for half an hour straight, mixing together observational humour, sarcasm and skits – all with perfect comedic timing and ridiculous facial expressions to match.

Meanwhile, Arnie Pie is a master at impersonations, which are the highlights of his set along with the anecdotes about his dad. Arnie is Asian and he’s not afraid to point that out and really make fun of himself and his family, which makes for some decent giggles. He’s not great at interacting with his audience but he’s got plenty of tall tales from his travels around the world (recounted complete with the appropriate accent) to make up for that. All up, a damn good night of funnies. Go watch these guys! Now!

The second and final Happy Pills show is on tomorrow – Thursday 3rd October, 8.15pm – at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville. For more info and tix go to:




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