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Tucked behind Artereal Gallery on Darling Street, Rozelle, you will come across an inviting courtyard that will lead you into the Studio of Spontaneous Creativity and the Mosaic Art School of Sydney…

Everything about this hidden oasis of creativity is compelling. You won’t know where to look at first and you will find your creative soul yearning to make something. There are many art-making classes run out of both of these studios. There is a kiln, a printing press, a dedicated encaustic painting room, paper-making and book-binding equipment, tools for sculpting and mosaic making and everywhere you look around there is something else to stimulate your creative spirit.

Nola Diamantopoulos is the founding director of both studios, established in this curious and quirky spot in 2000. The studios are particularly inspiring because they are working studios. In amongst the many forms of art you will see works in process, which allows you to witness the working process of the artist and her students.

Speaking to Nola recently about how she got started in the industry and her studio-based art classes and workshops, here’s what she had to say:“When I first began my journey into the art world, I had two significant battles to overcome. They were my doubts, my unknowns. One was around the question, “How does one become an artist?” The other was paralysing me, stifling my ability to create, it was emotionally painful, and the thought cycled and recycled – on the outside it sounded innocent enough with the statement: “I don’t know how to draw.” But on the inside it was more like: “I have no talent.” The day I realised what I was really questioning was the day I immersed myself and began my studies about what creativity is all about. That was almost two decades ago.

“It was because of these two demons that I was able to develop creativity programs for the people who wanted to explore the creative arts and for corporates who wanted to think creatively. How I did that is what I am able to truly share through my art programs and workshops. Philosophically the process is about Unfolding Your Creative Process because you have one. This underlies everything I do.”

“I work in multiple dimensions to unlock your creative potential and call on teachings from artists past and present, philosophers past and present, spiritual leaders/writers, positive psychology, poets and everything that the world avails to us to create unique art programs that grow your creative spirit and you personally.”

If you would like to see what Nola does, visit her websites and blog, and Her process is intriguing, stimulating, encouraging and it works.

You can also join in a community mosaic making day as part of Art Month and LOST on Sunday 9th March and be part of a Mosaic tribute to Kadinsky public art work.

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