Ask Sal: Inside bathroom vanities

Benefits of a contemporary bathroom vanity

There are so many great options available these days that no matter how big or small your bathroom is, you can surely find a vanity that can go well with your own bathroom layout. To spruce up a bathroom where space is a constraint, a wall-mounted or single sink corner vanity can never go wrong. On the other hand, for a larger bathroom, a free standing cabinet known as ‘tallboy’ is a great option.

All modern bathroom vanities are made of sturdy materials, which add an extra appeal to their design. But getting a bathroom vanity that is suitable for your needs in the practical sense (meaning it has the correct amount of storage space and is made of durable materials), doesn’t mean it can’t be visually appealing too. Often attractive vanities can help you in adding an exquisite touch of elegance to the entire design of the bathroom.

There are a few more benefits of having a contemporary bathroom vanity installed. For example, these modern vanities are equipped with multiple drawers and this allows you to store all your toiletries and other personal care products in them, which can look messy and disorganised if left strewn across your bathroom. With an organised storage space, it becomes a lot easier to keep the bathing area tidy and organised. Plus, the newer vanity drawers are often fitted with anti-slam technology so they ease shut, slowly and quietly. Is it time for an update of your bathroom?

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