Ask Sal: Mirror mirror on the wall

When you are designing your bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider and people usually end up ignoring the foremost thing that everyone notices when entering a bathroom – the bathroom mirror.

Depending on the frame, a bathroom mirror can bring a unique touch to any bathroom along with helping to tie the whole décor of the room together.

Mirrors are fabulous decorative pieces with the power to lighten up an area in a second but they are also highly functional. Mirrors with inbuilt shelves are especially useful for example, as the serve a dual purpose. Shelves are wonderful creations that we take for granted to store cosmetics, perfume and other daily necessities. When your mirror sits direct above your shelf, it makes daily chores like shaving infinitely easier and everything more accessible.

Great bathrooms aren’t complete until they include an elegant mirror. When chosen well, a mirror influences the look of the room greatly, creating space and luxury. As the mirror reflects the light falling on it, its optimal placement also assures you to get the brightest space possible.

When buying bathroom mirrors, consider the size of the wall and don’t be afraid to go big. Choose anything from endless frameless options to those decorated with intricate frames. Our range of bathroom mirrors is light weight and makes your bathroom appear larger and spacious. They are sure to add a dramatic effect to your bathroom.

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