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biz-awards-logoBalmain Mechanical Repairs, famous within the community for being one of the last “true, local garages” in this area, has been an Inner West favourite since opening its doors back in 2007.

After winning the local business award in their category last year, owners Ian and John are excited for another shot at the title. Here Ciao chats with Ian about how to best care for your car.

What was the best thing about winning this award last year?
The best thing about winning the award last year was the confirmation of what we quietly thought, that through hard work and experience, myself and John run a business that is so well received by our customers and the community that we deserved, in their eyes at least, the local business award. It truly was, and still is, a humbling experience for our whole team.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Both John and myself enjoy our work every day. We have been lucky enough to be able to design a workshop that creates a light, bright and friendly work environment that is a pleasurable place for our team, our customers and ourselves. We also both take great pleasure in the trust our customers give to us, which can only be gained over time.
After 32 Years on the Balmain peninsula it’s a unique feeling to be fixing our original customers children’s cars and being introduced to their grandchildren. I don’t think there are too many business owners that can enjoy these kinds of achievements.

What is the best advice you can give a car owner about taking good care of their vehicle?
The weekly checks of ‘Oil, Water and Tyres’ are probably the key golden rules for good car maintenance. When I started in the trade 38 years ago this was a practice only provided by service stations with driveway service supervised by attendants. Through time the service stations have evolved into what they are today; one person manning the console with no knowledge of cars or the maintenance of them. We at Balmain Mechanical Repairs understand this and offer the so-called “driveway service” to our customers, which is well sought after within our local community, and that is definitely the first step to ensuring the working quality of your vehicle.

Balmain Mechanical Repairs: 29 Crescent Street, Rozelle. T. 9810 2611.

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