Bay Bitch 254

Think the lycra-clad clones of the Bay Run need a slice of reality pie? Ciao’s Bay Bitch dishes out some lip-smacking morsels of snark.

Bay Bitch meets ‘Daddy Cool’

Next cab off the rank heading straight towards me, refusing to move to either side of the pathway and instead confidently striding smack-bang in the middle, is a prime example of the father–baby duo. Bitch surmises that Daddy drives a four-wheel drive with a ‘baby on board’ sticker firmly attached.

No doubt his exhausted wife is, at this moment, either struggling with supermarket queues or dragging in shopping as part of a frantic exercise where she tries to procure all the ingredients for five nights of meals and bring them back within the same time frame it takes the father to do the Bay Run, which, he boasts, he is getting faster at.

Daddy is feeling good knowing that his frolic around the bay will earn him enough brownie points to go out to the pub with his mates tonight and not have to change a nappy the whole day.

He seems blissfully unaware that his long, purposeful strides that lead to an occasional canter are creating a similar effect for the baby as being in a malfunctioning concrete mixer. One jolt too many wakes the baby, but the father doesn’t notice as he is wired to his i-phone and continues on his merry way!