Gig Guide – 216

August 14, 2013

Friday 16th August Holy Holy This two-man project is pretty cool and they have a pretty impressive pedigree with one of the guys a former member of Dukes of Windsor. They play indie rock and […]

Gig Guide – 215

July 26, 2013

Thursday 1st August Bardo Pond Old school psychedelic rock right here. Bardo Pond is much more in line with Pink Floyd or Jefferson Airplane than any new psychedelic bands out there. They are slow, melodic […]

Gigs Guide – 214

July 12, 2013

Saturday 27th July Passion Pit Supported by fellow Splendour act PVT, Passion Pit’s gig is bound to be pretty indie and pretty synthy at times. If you’re into that, then this is going to be […]

Gigs – 213

June 28, 2013

Michael Kieran Harvey Friday 19 July Sydney born concert pianist playing all Australian pieces including one that he wrote themselves. I wonder if the concert was then broadcast on the wireless, would he get paid […]

Gig Guide – 211

June 3, 2013

Saturday 15th June The Black Angels I could not be more excited for this gig. The Black Angels’ presence and ability live is just unbeatable by anyone I have ever seen. To make things better, […]

Gig Guide – 210

May 20, 2013

Saturday 25th May The Rubens I still can’t decide whether I even really like The Rubens (pictured). But I find myself thinking it might be pleasant to go to their show (the last remaining show […]

Gigs Guide – 209

May 6, 2013

Saturday 4th May Tool Genre defining prog-rock/alternative metal band Tool will be back in Australia for the first time since their last visit headlining Big Day Out in 2011. You are bound to either love […]

Gigs Guide – April 12th

April 4, 2013

Zucchero  Italian rock superstar Zucchero Fornaciari is touring Australia this year and will be bringing a truly incredible musical experience to the State Theatre for his adoring fans when he hits Sydney in April. With […]

Gigs Guide – 15th March

January 2, 2013

Sunday 17th March Jep and Dep Silly name, decent sound, same venue. These guys are a little bit dev, little bit Johnny Cash, little bit Camera Obscura, little bit good. I’d pay to go and […]

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