Come Clean

February 9, 2015
Come Clean Up Australia Day, the parks and waterways will be littered with people cleansing the spaces of their grime, rubbish, and waste. March 1st we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of this great […]

Wrap Up

December 23, 2014
As another year passes, we are no closer to any reduction in emissions targets and it still the households and small businesses that carry the bulk of the guilt and corporations that do the bulk […]

Sustain and Defend

December 6, 2014
Our Land Our Water Our Future is a collective that fights for the protection of the physical environment of NSW. It is made up of individuals and businesses who focus upon creating and implementing ecological […]

Party Green

November 25, 2014
There is nothing better than partaking of a hedonistic summer feast but a great party usually comes with great amounts of rubbish and cost. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to be mindful of the environment and […]

Think Outside the Bin

November 7, 2014
It’s National Recycling Week and if you are not excited about it, you had better start thinking of artistic ways to use the 240 toilet roll tubes you use every year. A new report from […]

Global Worming

October 27, 2014
Whether or not Bairdsy pulls off his rationalisation of Sydney’s councils (reducing the number of councils in Sydney from 41 to 18), it is apparent that the combined power of local councils is effective, economical […]

Power to the people

October 13, 2014
You may have recently received an envelope from Energy Australia stating in bold writing, “This isn’t a bill”. If you had opened it, which most people probably didn’t, you would have read that it was […]

The Magic School Bus

October 3, 2014
Don’t you just love driving around the Inner West during school holidays? There is less traffic, drivers have less road rage, and your stress levels come down. Why are there so many more cars on […]

Unearthing the Future

September 15, 2014
Defenders of Our Land, Water and Future are a group of volunteers formed three months ago in the Inner West following a screening at Leichhardt Town Hall of a documentary by Lock the Gate Alliance called […]

A Hole in our knowledge

September 1, 2014
After Transpacific garbage trucks were grounded last week, and Ashfield was grounded in rubbish, we started wondering where our waste actually goes once it’s been swiped from our sight. With only three to six years […]
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