Native backyard bee keeping

August 18, 2014
Backyard bee keeping is becoming an accessible and attractive pastime for many Inner Westies. It’s an interest that has evolved with the increased awareness about a social native species known as the ‘Sugarbag’ bee, or […]

Going freegan

July 21, 2014
There’s an underground movement emerging in Sydney that is taking place in the most unlikely of places: supermarket car parks, factory back doors and the kitchens of ordinary people. ‘Freeganism’ is the latest buzzword in […]

Going organic

July 7, 2014
Organic farming is the third fastest growing industry in Australia, after superannuation and gemstones, so why is it still so hard to buy cheap organic produce? I do get impatient when I’m lining up at […]

Shake and make

June 23, 2014
As the Inner West gets its shake-on Brazilian style and immerses itself in all things soccer related, there is plenty going on behind the scenes as the world’s premier sport leads the way in sustainability […]

Risky Business

June 10, 2014
The climate may or may not change. It might change tomorrow or it might change in millions of years. It might change a little or a lot. The change (if any) can be measured and […]

Green Beer

May 26, 2014
Who says beer can’t be green? After establishing itself on May Street over a decade ago, today St Peter’s Brewery leads by example when it comes to sustainable business practices and proves that you can […]

Who gives a buck?

May 12, 2014
With Fair Trade Fortnight here (May 3rd-18th), we take a closer look at what buying Fair Trade really means… We’ve all heard about blood diamonds and there’s blood chocolate too; where orphaned children as young […]

Leave space for species

April 28, 2014
Before this suburb was another suburb, there was a functional ecosystem inhabiting here… If we’re attentive we can still find traces of that original community sustained in the present day. When the gutters flood, the […]

Daily Dirt

April 14, 2014
Compost is a crucial element of any well-managed garden. A well-built hot compost can break down several cubic metres of organic material in a matter of weeks, and is an excellent way to concentrate large […]

Secondhand sustainability

March 31, 2014
While it seems like a lame excuse, what stops most people from going green is laziness and apathy. But what if it could be easy and even fun? The ultimate garage sale, SecondHand Saturday, was […]
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