Bay Bitch: Hooked In

July 22, 2016

Opposite Nield Park I spied three fisherman casting their lines right over the path of the sportsters. It looked like they were trying to use them as bait! I was touched they were engaged in […]

Bay bitch travels from afar

June 10, 2016

An Upper North Shore friend (well, as much as someone from the Upper North Shore can be a friend) told me one afternoon over a glass of champers that his private-school educated daughter sometimes joins […]

Bay Bitch: Better to have loved and lost

May 26, 2016

Sometimes when routines change we are given no warning and only after a few weeks pass we realise that something we had been doing repeatedly for a long time we are doing no longer. I […]

Bay Bitch in Pyjamas

May 12, 2016

Around on the city-west side of the Bay, not in proximity to any houses, I came upon a Bay walker, definitely not a sportster, in her pyjamas. They weren’t the type of pyjamas that could […]

Bay bitch: listen to the snake

April 29, 2016

The giant serpent that pops out of the foreshore on the Drummoyne side of the Bay Run has baffled sportsters for around three years now. Is it the rainbow serpent or a sperm or an […]

Bay Bitch: Retread

April 14, 2016

I was feeling deflated at my lack of progress in upping my Bay Run speed. I could not bring myself to shift into a jog for more than two seconds. While I was looking defeatedly […]

Bay bitch: Upgrades

March 31, 2016

On reading the notice “Bay Run – Timbrell Drive Upgrade”, ironically hung on yet another of the ugly wire fences that have become a blight on the Bay Run and actually the whole of the Canada […]

Bay bitch: watching

March 18, 2016

As you are all aware most aspects of our lives are being monitored by various bodies (sometimes actual bodies) in a hope that we will perform better. KPIs are rampant, competencies have to be achieved, […]

Bay bitch: bottled up

March 17, 2016

I can’t remember the moment when bottled water became a necessity to take on all walks, whether it be a ten-minute stroll to the shops or a power walk around the Bay. I do recall […]

Bay Bitch: birds of a feather

February 18, 2016

The other morning I was pleasantly surprised by nature down on the cove. Everything seemed to be sparkling and the birdlife was seething. I first came across a pelican patrolling up and down the Bay […]

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