Jared Ingersoll – 232

April 28, 2014
Last week I placed a meat order for the Dark Mofo event I am doing in Tasmania, and something happened that made me stop and take stock of where the food scene is at, and […]

Jared Ingersoll – 231

April 15, 2014
Do you buy Australian made? A few days back I was lunching with a friend who has a really exciting exporting business. We were talking about Australia’s reluctance to truly support Australian native foods and […]

Jared Ingersoll – 230

March 31, 2014
I remember a few years ago eating the most disgusting and foul thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. Ever. It was a pecorino that had been stored in a small terracotta pot that was […]

Jared Ingersoll – 229

March 17, 2014
In the past few years I’ve seen an alarming trend around the subject of ‘sustainable’ food. I hear the same alarming word pulled out in most conversations about the next ‘greenwashed grand gesture.’ These conversations […]

Jared on GM foods

March 3, 2014
I want be clear on something, if given the choice I would not have genetically modified (GM) foods in the environment. In my work over the years I’ve seen way too many beautiful, sustainable, ethical […]

Restaurant diaries

February 17, 2014
Just over one year ago I solemnly vowed that I would not do another restaurant ever again. Too hard, too much sacrifice. So Danks Street Depot closed its doors after 11 wonderful years. I will […]

Jared Ingersoll on… food trends

December 2, 2013
“Pickles, fermentation and kimchi are very trendy.” I’ve been hearing this a lot lately and maybe I need a holiday but they are NOT a trend! Consumption of dairy products in rural China almost quadrupling […]

Jared Ingersoll on…the price of fish

November 18, 2013
Why is it we place such little value on our food? Or perhaps I should say, why do we think food should be so cheap? It’s an interesting question when you stop to scrutinise it […]
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