Critter Critique – 244

Our golden girl, Charli!

Charli is a 13-year-old Border Collie cross who loves to snuggle into the doona and give licks to anyone that gives her a pat. As a puppy she was very naughty and got into lots of trouble! However, these days she has a quieter life with bouts of puppy playfulness – she sometimes thinks she is two years old again! She mostly spends her afternoons sleeping in the sun and only gets up when it’s dinner time.

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The panel says:

Amber and Max
“Naughty? Surely butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth! Although doona time and puppy licks sound just perfect.”

Fallon and Tyson
“She sounds like my kind of doggie friend! There is nothing like snuggling with a senior pet – they give the best licks!”

Lori and Nina
“Everyone loves a mature girl…with a dash of cheekiness.”

Kristy and Aussie
“Oh my goodness, look at those eyes – it must be puppy love! With my beautiful greyhound grin and that adorable face of Charli’s we’re a perfect match. Let me know when you’re free for a game of fetch, woof woof.”