David – Hot or Not?

David is a performer struck with wanderlust. Aside from being a dancer, pole dancer, aerialist, designer, actor, yoga instructor, healer and tarot reader, he enjoys connecting with like-minded folks around the globe and travelling.

David has been pole dancing for five years now, and has done circus aerial for even longer. You can catch him performing regularly at Slide Cabaret lounge and at The Colombian Hotel. “During the day, I’m a graphic designer and web developer, by night/weekends I’m a circus carney performing pole and aerial at various venues around the city,” he says.

“Coming first runner-up last year at the international Mr Pole Dance competition was awesome, particularly because it was the first-ever competition of it’s kind for male pole dancers. I’m excited to be back competing this year and people can expect a piece with a message that will tug at heartstrings.”

For more info follow David on Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidaeonperformer, or grab your tickets to Mr. Pole Dance on May 23rd in Marrickville from: www.factorytheatre.com.au/events/2014/05/23/mr-pole-dance-2014



The Panel Says:

Jarrydkisses 4

What I would like to say about him probably can’t be printed in this magazine. Looks like he has a lot of talents, I’d like to help him explore some others.



Dyankisses 5

David kind of reminds me of myself when I was working in medical sales and moonlighting as a DJ/singer…but without the body hair because like most Asians, I come hairless. I love a man who can work a pole so I rate him a 5!


hot-davidDavidkisses 5

from Ubeauty Agency
It’s fair to say a man who’s talented and driven is hot. Musical and spiritual takes David into the demi-god status. Having followed the growth of men’s pole dancing for quite a few years, this is a fantastic event and we Aussies are up there!


Ms Redkisses 5

For once, I’m speechless…What an Adonis.


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