Do you know what Fair Trade really means?

We ask, inner westies answer...

“I don’t think you’re talking about Pokèmon cards!”
Cass, Leichhardt.

“If ‘Slave Trade’ is the business of trading in slaves…then Fair Trade must be the business of trading in fairs!”
Anitra, Drummoyne.

“I think a lot of people think Fair Trade is just about paying a fair price for products coming from third world nations. They don’t realise it’s also about providing decent working conditions too.”
Nancy, Haberfield.

“I don’t know the particulars, I think there could be a lot more education about this out in the world.”
Greg, Burwood.

“I think I do, although I can’t understand why there’s such a price difference between normal products and fair trade products. Surely not everything we buy that isn’t fair trade is taking advantage of someone somewhere in the world?”
Paul, Ashfield.

“It’s obvious really, isn’t it? It’s about being fair when trading with others. Everyone is entitled to fair pay and working conditions, even if they are from a developing country.”
Anthea, Surry Hills.

“Is this a trick question?”
Tina, Five Dock.

“I like to think I do, but probably not. I know it’s a good thing to buy Fair Trade, but you don’t hear much about ‘Fair Trade’ products besides coffee and chocolate.”
Steve, Leichhardt.

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