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Owner of Nocturnal Debiz-awards-logosigns, Josephine Maniscalco, says she’s overwhelmed with joy to be nominated for a second Local Business Award and feeling rather satisfied that the concept of the store has had such an impact in the area…

What do you think has been the secret to your success?
A lot of time and research went into bringing the concept of Nocturnal Designs here – understanding the demographics in the area and targeting that market made the transition a little easier.

How have things changed for you at the shop since last year?
The store has evolved to become more specialised; we’re servicing more women with breast cancer, and other related breast issues, making Nocturnal Designs a lot more than just a lingerie store. We have also joined an organisation called ‘The Uplift Program,’ so we are a drop off point for all pre-loved bras. We then forward these bras onto the NSW co-coordinator for Uplift who distributes them onto third world countries and under privileged women all over the world.

Is there a message you’d like to get out to your customers and those who voted for you?
Thank you so much for voting for us, with your ongoing support we can only develop and grow further in bringing you the best lingerie store in the Inner West.

Nocturnal Designs: Norton Plaza, 55 Norton St. T. 9518 3355.

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