Fern – hot or not?

hot-not-fern-smallBushy-tailed and bright-eyed, 11-month-old Fern is a local fox looking for other furry friends.

Meet Fern, a loving pet with a big story to tell. Originally Fern came from Orange where she was found as a cub with four other fox-sisters. Fern was taken to Sydney Fox Rescue where she was domesticated and now lives with her adopted fox-brother Fizz and three doggy pals.

Fern enjoys many of the pleasures of a standard pup. Belly rubbing, hunting sneakers and lapping up liver treats are definitely in her top three activities.

Fern still loves to flex her more feline faculties though, and gets a big kick out of climbing onto her mum’s back whenever she tries to do something productive, like cleaning.

• Sydney Fox Rescue is a charity based in Sydney’s Inner West that works with orphaned and injured foxes to desex and rehome foxes to zoos, wildlife parks and local homes. For more information contact Sydney Fox Rescue by email at sydneyfoxrescue@gmail.com or visit sydneyfoxrescue.com.



The Panel Says:



LARRY from Balmain

Canines are generally not my style. But I heard foxes are smarter than their doggy counterparts… so this one’s a maybe.



YOYO from Hurlstone Park

Fern seems to have a caring and bouncy personality after all that she has been through. I’d be up for a mutual belly-rub.




STELLA MAY from Alexandria

I am digging those ears. Enthusiastic ears, gotta love them.




LEEROY from Bellevue Hill

I recognise Fern from her cameo role in ‘What does the fox say?’ Chicken necks at Cafe Bones this Sunday, what does the fox say to that?

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