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The baby boom doesn’t have to equal shattered bodies for new mums.

The Inner West is currently experiencing a Baby Boom.This boom is directly proportional to the number of women who just don’t have a second to take a shower or scratch their head!

This is not to complain about the wonderful blessing children are. All new mothers are truly blessed. However, if you are in this boat, just take a moment to think about what you have done for yourself lately. Maybe had a massage, a manicure or date night? Probably not!

I have a natural affinity for exercise and eating right; being that I work in the health industry I really live and breathe being healthy and after giving birth to my sons in quick succession, I realised just how essential focusing on getting your body back actually was.

Although I am not talking about getting your body back in terms of dress size (however nice that would be), I am thinking about the tone and muscle stabilisation that you may of had before that is no longer existent – because while nine months of distension and hormones fluxing through your body aids in the development of a beautiful baby, it does not lead to such beautiful tone and stability.

It is hard to believe that your abdominal muscles actually separate whilst pregnant and your pelvic floor lacks tone, which is often something found in a much older woman.

To help with your body’s recovery from all this, the team of chiropractors at the Chiropractic Clinic have developed ChiroDynamics, which looks at your body’s state post partum and works it from the ground up.
After a thorough assessment and history, we tailor an exercise program that targets muscle groups that will lay the foundations for a strong body. This will reduce the likelihood of injuries and pain associated with entering into more moderate to high impact training.

If you want to find out more about this innovative approach, email and see how we can assist in getting your ultimate post baby body.

• Words: Juliana De Pasquale, Chiropractor & Iridology

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