Gig Guide – 215

Bardo Pond, Bryan Estepa and Band, Grinspoon

Thursday 1st August
Bardo Pond

Old school psychedelic rock right here. Bardo Pond is much more in line with Pink Floyd or Jefferson Airplane than any new psychedelic bands out there. They are slow, melodic and groovy as all hell and I can’t wait to see how it works out on stage. Plus it will be interesting to see the Annandale’s first show under the new owners.

Where: Annandale Hotel, $39.80


Thursday 8th August
Bryan Estepa and Band

He might be a Sydney local but the music this man plays has throwbacks to all parts of the world. At times he has a very smooth, California beach sound but then his next song will sound like classic ‘70s rock. Pretty eclectic, pretty damn cool too.

Where: Union Hotel, 576 King St Newtown, Free


Saturday 10th August

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Lismore four-piece Grinspoon but that’s not to say that these Aussie hard rockers aren’t talented. They are especially famous for putting on impressive live performances so the best place to listen to them is on stage. I doubt that this night could be anything less than fun even if the band’s glory days are long gone.

Where: Enmore Theatre, $44.80


Words: Max Kobras

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