Gigs Guide – 223

Love Parade
Thursday 21st November

Everything I can find about these guys on the Internet is really hateful, like ridiculously so. I like them; their music is fun with classic surfer rock licks and kind of similar to Pond at times. Sure, they aren’t amazing or breaking new ground but it’s a free show so don’t hate too much.

The Green Room Lounge, Free


Darren Middleton
Friday 22nd November

Darren Middleton is most famous as the lead guitarist for Powderfinger but since they broke up, he’s been doing his own thing. Turns out he’s a decent singer, although I’m not surprised Bernard Fanning took the lead during the Powderfinger days. Alternate pop-rock in the end, pretty basic stuff but sounds nice.

The Vanguard, $28.80


Flyying Colours (pictured)
Saturday 23rd November

Don’t miss this. Seriously well-made shoegaze with a slight hint of grunge, these Melbourne guys really know what they are doing. It’s just got that classic shoegaze drone and I’m loving it. I know where I’m going to be that Saturday.

The Factory Theatre, $10


Words: Max Kobras

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