Happy Halloween 2015

Nicholson Street Public School Halloween Festival is nipping at your heels again, ready to celebrate its 23rd year! Attracting thousands every year, find out what makes this freaky fair so much fun…

There must be a reason why this event is on so many families’ calendar. Tracing its origins back to 1992 when an American family in the area introduced this uncommonly celebrated holiday to the community, Nicholson Street’s Halloween Festival has grown into an insanely popular Inner West institution.

halloween-pumpkin-witchPerhaps the most obvious reason for its popularity is the abundance of great of activities on offer. Whether it is soaring like a witch down the Monstrous Megadrop Slide, letting out fearsome roars while traversing the Jurassic Adventure Course or running in terror from the Haunted House and its horrific denizens the Mad Doctor and his Insane Wife, there are frightening options for all thrill-seeking kids.

If terror isn’t to your taste though, perhaps the Kitchen of Horrors is. They will be serving up delicious homemade curries and barbecue throughout the day and, for the adults, there is also a fully licensed bar attached. There will also be Creepy Cookie and Witches Hairy Fairy Floss stalls stationed around the festival to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For those who feel luck will shine upon you, then there are some great games of skill and chance where you can win big. All the classics and favourites from past years will be at the festival, including the Chocolate Wheel, the Cake Walk and the Witches Cauldron, as well as their newest attraction, the Bog Chuck!

If you have the stomach to set foot into Nicholson Street Public School on this spooky night of fun, file in with the rest of the ghouls on Saturday October 31st. The festival will kick off at 2:30pm and wrap up at 8:30pm.

The school is a five minute walk from Balmain East Ferry Terminal or you can take the bone-rattling 442 bus from the city or the 444 and 445 from Leichhardt and Rozelle.

Don’t forget to dress appropriately: the more hideous, the better!


Halloween Jokes

Q. What was the ghost’s favourite food?
A. Spookghetti

Q. What should you do when your house is surrounded by zombies, witches and vampires?
A. Hope it is Halloween.

Q. What did the fitness fanatic skeleton say to the lazy zombie?
A. You should lose weight, you’re all skin and bone.

Q. Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders?
A. They are all spirit.

Q. Where do zombies go to buy furniture?
A. Bed, Bath and Beyond the Grave

Q. What did Dr. Frankenstein scream when he was turned into a bull?
A. Igor!

Q. What is a single vampire’s favourite show?
A. The Bat-chelor!

Q. Why was the monster good at directions?
A. She was a where-wolf

Q. What do you call a ghost chicken?
A. A poultry-geist

Q. Why was the Sith Lord up all night to have fun?
A. Because he is Darth Punk

Q. What is a monster’s favourite Disney song?
A. Let it Ghost!