Heather – Hot or not?

Heather is a Newtown local who works full time at Newtown Three 5 Nine (a Red Cross store) on King Street and says she loves the individuality of the people in the area and its uniqueness.

She describes herself as creative and her favourite part of her job is being able to run wild and get crafty with the store merchandising.

While her relationship status remains undisclosed, we think she’s quite the catch with beauty and a lovely personality to match. Heather can be found hanging out with friends at the pub when she’s not working, her top three local watering holes being Carlisle Castle Hotel, the Courthouse and Vic on the Park.


The panel says:



All I want for Christmas is Heather.



Daniel from PRB real estate

Great smile and personality to match. Seems like a great catch.




Hot in a strangely prosaic way. Don’t mean to sound judgmental but she seems vaguely ‘80s in aesthetic, which I like. I also share her appreciation of the individualistic denizens of Newtown.




Ms Red

Heather makes me want to go blonde!

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