I’m right, you’re wrong – 226

Righteous Rightie shares his often sexual sense of excitement at the prospect of PM Abbott remaking Australia in his own image in 2014.

Dear RR – There was a lot of loose talk post September 7 last year about Prime Minister Abbott lacking a clear vision for this great nation. Do you believe degenerate leftists will finally be forced to shut their endlessly yapping gobs when Abbott starts implementing an agenda that will make John Howard look like a same-sex-attracted, vegan Greens voter?
Ray, Liverpool

RR replies: I must confess to experiencing occasional outbreaks of tumescence over the summer holidays when I saw Our Tony in action – lecturing those bleeding-heart socialists at Davos about the superior organising capacity of the free market, invading the maritime territory of the uppity towelheads to our north, and promising to have every no-hoper on the dole wiping geriatric arses before the year is out. One can only hope he will now think better of the handful of offhand remarks he made about not reintroducing WorkChoices and deregulate the labour market immediately. Surely no one who’s ever read The Australian or AFR could seriously argue the Australian economy won’t be reduced to a Greek ruin unless the industrial relations pendulum swings back to the sensible centre and employers are allowed to have insufficiently servile staff publicly flogged and anybody identified as a unionist automatically imprisoned on corruption charges. Then it’s just a matter of rejigging carbon-pricing arrangements to ensure large corporations are actively subsidised to release pollution into the atmosphere and flogging off the (G)A(Y)BC to the lowest bidder. Ideally, the PM would also get ASIO to ensure that Commo dago in the Vatican meets with a mysterious ‘accident,’ clearing the way for Pope Pell to shift Holy Mother Church’s focus away from trivial matters such as poverty and injustice and back to combating the scourge of bottom banditry that’s undermining Western Civilisation. Happy days!

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