In and Out

In: Will the Royals duck into the Inner West this Spring?

  • Matinee Cafe is a newbie to Marrickville that channels the Inner West’s classic milk bars. It’s retro and an homage to the great Greek-Australian milk bars that have dotted the history of the area.
  • Tea rooms.  We have just discovered the beautiful tea houses in the Inner West, just in time for winter. Visit Redfern’s Zensation Teahouse, soak in the beautiful decor of Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar and take the perfect Instagram story at Newtown’s T Totaler. We. Are. Obsessed.
  • Bonus: The monarchy will be over in our lifetime, but the Royals are so in right now! Do you think Meghan and Harry will visit the Inner West when they come to Australia in October for the Invictus Games? Surely!

Out (for TV Lovers)

  • This Ciao writer has thoughts on the ending of Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. It was just too much.
  • Have you seen the cancellations this month?! We have to bid farewell to Jane the Virgin, Quantico, Designated Survivor, The Mick, The Rise and New Girl. Thank god Brooklyn Nine-Nine is going to live to see another season.
  • We at Ciao are also in mourning for the end of the most underrated show to grace our screens, The Americans.