IN AND OUT – 313


  • Ciao is celebrating International Women’s Day with our issue dedicated to all things women. The day will be marked on March 8th.
  • Mardi Gras is upon us – our first Mardi Gras that the Inner West can celebrate marriage equality.
  • Another very important March event for the calendars – the Academy Awards! Let’s hope this year holds another win for a film that holds cultural importance – and most importantly, that the right name is read out for Best Picture!


  • We aren’t ready for this summer weather to end! As the leaves fall and we head into autumn, here at Ciao, we’re hoping for more sunny days ahead.
  • The Inner West is home to a fair few uni students heading back to school. If you see a student, give them a sympathetic smile. They need it.
  • Did you know entry to a popular Newtown dance destination stopped at 11.15pm on a Saturday night? What is happening to our city! Everytime this happens, this Ciao writer is still surprised.