In and Out

What’s In and Out this month


  • Gaining an hour of sleep from daylight savings.
  • The Easter Long Weekend – from all of us here at Ciao, we hope you had a relaxing and blissful four-day weekend. There were some epic Easter treats around the Inner West, including a delectable Golden wattle Egg from T Totaler in Newtown.
  • Five new pride seats are being installed in recognition of the area’s LGBTIQ community The rainbow seats will include plaques to recognise a person or group that has contributed to the fight for LGBTIQ rights.
  • The Sydney Writers Festival gets started this month, and any excuse to celebrate literary culture in this city is a big plus!



  • Mid-semester examination season for uni students is nigh—get ready for stress levels around the Inner West to rise.
  • The Sydney Vegan Markets launched in November, a monthly celebration of all things vegan. Held in Marrickville, the markets tried out a few locations before being slapped with a $6000 fine for breaking the requirements for the size of their market. We may not be seeing another Sydney Vegan Market until July at the earliest.
  • Cheating, in all forms. For all the kids playing cricket in ovals across the region, it’s important to know cheating won’t get you anywhere, and neither will tearful apologies.
  • Surgically implanting an Opal Card chip into your hand is way out, with Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow slapped with a $220 fine and $1000 in legal costs. He wanted to swipe on and off without using a card.